What is Gateway, its type and how does it work?

Do you know what this Gateway is? If yes then perhaps you will have full knowledge about this which is a very good thing, but if not, then there is nothing to worry about because today we will know about this networking device.

By the way, you must have seen the gateway of all of us, I mean, we can compare Gateway in Networking to our home’s main gate. Because it is a junction that someone is used to go inside or out of the network. In the Internet, that node, which is also a stop point, we call it a host node or a gateway.

This gateway node is called a computer that is used to control and manage the traffic and bandwidth of a company’s network or ISP. Most ISPs provide gateway itself, so that their users can connect to the internet easily.

Simply put, a gateway in such a computer network is a kind of entrance, or a point so that the network can be accessed. This is an inter operating system which has the ability to handle many networks at one time. This can be in any form, software or hardware. The function of Gateway node is either a firewall or a proxy server in the enterprise network. So today I thought why you should explain to people what is Gatway in Hindi, so that you can easily understand this networking component. So let’s start without hesitation.

What is Gateway

This gateway is an hardware device that acts like a “gate” within two networks. This can be a router, firewall, server, or any other device that enables traffic to be in and out in the network.

This gateway is a network node that connects to two networks using different protocols. Where a bridge is used to join two similar types of networks, one gateway is used to join two dissimilar networks.

Well these are the gateways, with the help of which we can send the data back and forth. This internet is not the only thing to work if we do not use gateways, as well as many hardware and software can not be used.

By the way, a gateway protects nodes within the network, apart from it itself also has a node. This gateway lies in the edge of the node network and all the data is flows through it which enters the network or exits. With this it can translate the received data which is received from outside networks, in a format or protocol that can be identified by the devices within the internal network.

How does Gateway work?

A gateway is one of the many ways by which our data keeps moving across the web. These gateway provides us with an entry in many different networks, so that we can send email, browse web pages, buy things online, and more. You can say that this device provides us with freedom, information and accompanying convenience so that we enjoy online.

This is a data communication device that provides a remote network in which connectivity occurs from a host network.

It works as an entry and exit point for a network; All data that are routed inward or outward, they have to go first by pass and communicate together also in the gateway so that they can use correct routing paths. Often a router is configured to work as a gateway device in a computer network.

All the network has a boundary or a limit, so that all the communications are placed in the network, they are used by those devices which are attached to it, which also include switches and routers. If a network node wants to communicate with a node / network that is outside the network, then such a network needs a gateway service, which is very familiar in a way, the other is remote. With routing path of networks

Gateway (or default gateway) is implemented on the network’s boundary in which they manage all data communication that are routed internally or externally with that network Apart from routing the packets, there are other information in the gateways such as host’s network’s internal paths and the paths learned are separate remote networks. If a network node wants to communicate with a foreign network, then it will pass data packet to the gateway, which will route it to the destination, also in the best possible path.

A network gateway joins two networks, so that the device of a network can communicate with the device of another network. Without gateways, you can not access, communicate or send data back to the Internet. A gateway is implemented in software, in hardware, or in the combination of both of them. That’s because a network gateway always appears in the edge of the network.

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