What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? complete information

Hello Friends, You must have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you have not heard or do not know about it, today I am going to tell you about Artificial Intelligence (AI). This term is related to Computer Science & Technology.

Whatever Robot, Automatic Machine etc. The use of Technology is the only artificial intelligence (AI).

Friends! This is what Intelligence Power is that we grow ourselves into humans. By looking at something, listening to something, touching something, we think that how it should behave with that thing. In this way, within a robot, a kind of intelligence is developed. Called Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Now Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very big topic. There is some research in daily. You’ve also seen Robot Movie. Which was based in such researches?

Now there will be some questions in your mind as to what will happen next in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The future of artificial intelligence (AI) will be bad or good.

Friends Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an Intelligence that creates an artificial self, or if you have a brain like a human in your computer, then we will say Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not one of a kind, but it is used in many ways, there are so many artificial intelligence (AI) that we have been using before and many more will come in the future.

Let’s know how many ways this artificial intelligence (AI) is.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence

Friends Artificial Intelligence is also called AI and it has been divided into 3 parts.

Weak AI:- 

Friends, if we talk about Weak AI, then we will say this Artificial Narrow Intelligence Weak AI is such a kind of intelligence that can only work well in a specific device.

For example: If your computer plays Chess game then he is expert in playing chess but besides that he can not do anything else. Or else I talk about shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, If you buy something then this system is expert to do your job. But this can not play chess game. So, such an intelligence which can only work in a specific area, we call it Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Friends, now you have to understand what a weak AI is, how it works and why it can only do one thing in the same device.

Strong AI:-

Friends, if we talk about human beings, it is very complicated, the passage of human beings is very common or there is such an intelligence that can not possibly come in a machine. So make the machine like somebody’s brain Come to Strong AI, which is also called Artificial General Intelligence.

Friends, Strong AI is a system where the human brain and machine are almost equal. That is, the work you can do, what you can think of, and there are many common things that we humans are comfortable doing. If all those work can be done in a robot or machine, then we will say that the Strong AI or Artificial Wide Intelligence


Friends, Strong AI is not used yet. It will probably come into market by 2050, then you will see such a machine, such a robot whose intelligence level will be equal to human.

Friends, if you are thinking that there is nothing in front of it then you are thinking of A wrong because it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once a machine has learned something then it will continue to improve it.

For example: If we have some computer then we will create a good computer and by combining those which will make the computer and make a good computer, then in this case, those who are AI will increase this to a more exponential level, then in such a The thing will come out that we will say Singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence.

If we say in general then singularity is such intelligence beyond which there is nothing human being. This means that once it comes to the level of the human brain, then increasingly, it will move forward.

Friends, this is a very good thing, it is a very good thing, we will control very well, we will do new experiments and we will have a very powerful robot, so with his help we will be able to do a lot.

But guys! If the machine has become Super Intelligence, then what Robot will tell us, many of the world’s computer scientists even Bill Gates, Allen Musk has suspected that if the machine and human beings have singularity then the world is in danger Will go.

But if the time of Super Intelligence came and the Machine started to fall right on all the rules of human being, then we would say Artificial Emotional Intelligence. Meaning machines will have emotion, so that they remain in the control of the human being.

so friends ! Now you have come to understand what happens to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it can go up further. You can tell your thoughts and feedback by commenting on us.

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