How To Make Blog Popular In Short Time [Blogging]

Hello friends, Welcome to Everyzone Center, we share daily informative information related to Technology, Internet with you. Today we have brought you an interesting information about blogging. What is a blog, how can I create it? All these people will know, the blog is an informational website. In it you have to enter or receive information according to your interest.

To create a blog, you can use any platform online, such as Blogger, WordPress etc

If you have started or started a new blog then you should first be aware that how to promote a blog by creating a blog and how to work on it we will cover in this post.

There are some things in Beginners’ mind about how to increase your blog traffic, how to increase your blog’s search engine rank, how to grow your blog audience, how to get your blog to top at Google, or how to quickly make your website popular Make, increase blog traffic on blogger, all these questions are our minds.

How to Make Blog Popular or Traffics in a Short Time:-

Making Blog Popular. Logo [Bloggers] find it so difficult to ask, do not ask. But this is a by-handed game for people [bloggers] because they do hard work and do smart work. Please read these points below which are given and work regularly according to these points on your blog everyday. I promise you a good result.

∎ Social media Promotion

Social media has a lot of big business today, even so many big and big movements are also organized. With social media we can also connect with many new people, and also join.

Through Social Media, we can also promote our blog easily because it makes us easier to get posting and traffic. In order to make our blog popular, we should join social media on people who are interested in the topic of our blog and also want to read their posts, in such a way, we should share them with our blog.

# From Facebook Page

Facebook has become the largest social media platform in the world, and we get all kinds of people here, through Facebook we also connect with many people.
With Facebook we can easily make our blog popular, for that we just have to create a Facebook Page. That means when we make Facebook Page, people like him
So we can invite people to liking our Facebook Page, which are interested in that topic. And on that Facebook page, we can share links to our Blog and Blog Post.

# From Facebook Groups

Facebook Group You might have been a little lazy to hear but this is true. Through Facebook Groups, we can get good traffic, as well as make Blog popular and good.
Because the craze of Facebook Groups has increased so much that today we will find groups on every topic, we have to find groups of topics related to our blog, which has more membership in them. Connected to our group.

# From Twitter

Blog can Promotion from Twitter. Twitter is known for content or information sharing in 140 words. There is a lot of use of Twitter, especially in India there is a lot of twists on Twitter because more people here are victims of politics.

# From Google Plus

Google Plus is also good source to create popular and generate traffic. In Google Plus, you can join communities related to your Niche / Topic. And she shares her post. Promotion of blogs is forbidden in some communities. Keep this in mind and share it. You can join our communities.

∎ Guest Blogging and commenting

# Guest Post

At the Guest Post, we contact the owner of a blog and post it on the blog so that it gives us back link and also the people know about our blog.
But we have to take care of some things about whether traffic is good on blog or not ?? Is DA or PA’s Blog Good or Not ?? Blog is Topic of our Blog or Not?

By paying attention to these statements, you publish your post in another related blog.


Follow your related blog and give your comments or opinions in their post. From this, you will also get backlink (no follow backlink) and from that Visitors will click on your comments and access your blog. One thing to note here is that whatever comments you comment should be good and suggest a suggestion to the people that your comments or opinions are valuable.

∎ Links Submission

Link submission is known by many names like Web Directory, web submission, directory submission, Link directory. All these mean the same. This submission is a type of voting to bring your blog into rank or first position. Those who have more links ie Backlink, Google gives those links to your blog by ranking them in one search. If you have links, you will get a better position in Google.

∎Create Original content and Updating contents 

Many new bloggers do not consider this thing important and copy their content from another blog. And their blog is penalized by Google. The most cautious thing is that content of someone’s blog should never be copied. If an important topic is informative for your user, then take permission from them and also give their credit link.

Keep updating your blog from time to time and keep updating your viewers with the latest updates. Only then will your visitors continue visiting your blog.

∎ Always Focus on Create attractive and Strong Heading/Title

While writing your post or content, you should create the heading and title that attracts you. It will be beneficial to see your heading and title, and be excited to see your post. This is a very good way. Visitors will not be excited to fall in that post until your headings or titles are attracted.
80% people decide on headings and titles whether they should read these posts or not.
Keeping this thing in mind should make Heading and Title Strong and Attractive.


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