How to Keep Your Data Safe?

Why is the data privacy necessary:-

With the growing influence of technology today, mobile and computer are capable of settling all your work! Here is the reason that you prefer to keep the data digital! So today we are giving you some information about how to protect your data! Today, albums, photos, videos, and songs are not made, rather they are on Computer, Mobile Card or Cloud! Not only this, your banking share and other transaction records including record and password are also on mobile! If you do not keep them completely safe, then someone can misuse them and you can get big losses.

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How to Keep Your Data Safe:-

Due to increasing cyber crimes, hackers are seen on the data of almost every person today, if this data is handled by them, then you can do a great deal of financial and mental damage.

So today we are telling you some important things so that no one can steal your data! Keeping this in mind, you can save your data from being stolen!

Keep updated apps:-

You always keep your computer and mobile phone up-to-date as the companies also remove the security related loopholes with the new features.

So that your application is technically strong and that’s why your data will be protected from hackers and viruses!

Never download from an unknown source: –

You can download the application for your computer or mobile and download it only from the official App Store!

If you download an application via Bluetooth or USB or any other medium!

So it keeps the risk of virus coming, and this virus also steals data from your phone!

Always keep your phone and computer password protected: –

To keep your data secure, you can also insert a screen lock so that no one can get information about what is in your phone or computer!

Never share information about your password or PIN.

App Permission to Do Managed :-

This is very important for Mobile phone when you download any application from Google Play, you are asked for permission!

You think without thinking it okay, do not see how the permission is being taken from you, the application asks for permission from your contact, message, mail, SMS, so that Here you must keep the attention of permissions.

Never click on any unknown link: –

When you use a phone or a computer, keep in mind that you do not click on any unknown link because this link can also be a virus!

This link gives you some greed, and you are stuck by clicking on that link without having to! So keep in mind that you do not click on these links!

Data wipe: –

If you have protected your phone or computer with any password

You can delete Remotely Data in case of theft or loss. Otherwise it can harm you if you go into wrong hands!

Do not share personal information: –

Many times, we share our base number (Adhar number), bank account number, password, and even our ATM PIN via Whatsapp and Message.

But by doing so, you probably do not know how big a mistake you are, because there are many companies and apps that read all your details and keep an eye on them!

So do not ever share any of your personal information with others via phone!

Keep Data Backup: –

You always keep your phone’s Data Backup! You can take a data backup on the desktop on the cloud or on the external hard drive!

Even if there is any damage to your computer or mobile due to the virus, your data will be saved!

Avoid use of public WiFi: –

Nowadays we get free WiFi everywhere, which is also called Public Wi-Fi and many people use it too! Of course, this helps us a lot but maybe you do not know how dangerous it is to public WiFi because there is a danger of most viruses coming in public WiFi, and these viruses work to steal your data from your phone!

Use Anti Virus: –

You can also use a good company’s antivirus to protect your data in your phone and PC, such as Norton, AVG, and Kaspersky etc!

Take support of two step authentication: –

If you use Two Step Authentication to keep your phone, computer or email secure, it is better for you, because it decreases the risk of hacking. !

More recently, Google released a report in which it said that there are fewer than 10 percent of Gmail users who use Factor Authentication. This means that all the rest are on the direct target of hackers!

That’s why today we have told you some tips to keep your data safe from hackers, which you can keep your data safe by following!

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