How To Create Free Website Or Blog!

Let’s know how to create your own website/blog for free and submit it to Google.

These tips will prove to be very useful for all of you. I believe if you want to create your own website and are taking help of any Web Developer, then with the help of this tip you can create your website and that too Free is very easy. The website you are currently using is also a free website, though it speaks Blog but if you add a domain name to Rent and add it to your blog then it is a complete website Becomes where you Award Business, Shop, or can Advertisement of any kind ….

Let’s learn how it will happen and what you need to do for it.
First of all, you should have an E-mail address on a G-mail ….
Second and most importantly, you need to be an Idea. What is the website you are building and what will be the benefit of it to the people?

If you take the website then it does not make sense if you do not have a visitor on your website. You select the topic …
OK, you also have Emailed, Topic too now you have to go to the following website … 

Login from your email.

Click on the New Blog button!

Enter the title of your website or blog where the title is seeking!

Like: – Free Blog Tips, How to make free website

Enter the address of your blog or website where the address is seeking, if you have taken a domain, then you can enter the address for now, because the domain name that has the name must be configured separately with it!

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