GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) what is GDPR?

Nowadays, one word has come in quite a trend/discussion,#GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Do you know what happens to this? Let’s know about GDPR. Complete information about completing the information, and in simple words. Read this article up to the bottom so that the answers to almost all the questions in your mind (answer) will be explained in simple and simple words.

Today you will find out by reading this post that:-

  1. What is GDPR?
  2. What impact could GDPR have on our blog or site?
  3. What is its Rule & Terms?
  4. What can happen if GDPR rules are not accepted?
  5. Answer some questions related to GDPR.

These are some of the topics that will cover in this post and will know the correct information about this GDPR so that we are not doubted at anything.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a type of policy and LAW that is designed for the European country’s people. This is a law designed to protect the data of European citizens, which all companies will have to follow. Recently many have heard that many companies have been tracking and selling the data of their users, including a large company such as Facebook.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.
In the law of European European Commission, 28 member team data was talked about and European Citizen Data Protection. In this law, it is empowered to know where any personal data of the public in Europe is used, it was formed on April 24, 2016, after that 1995 EC Directive On Data Protection, implemented on May 25, 2018, Which has been declared the validity of 2 years.

What is its Rule & Terms?

If you have a website or blog, then you must know about it, that a message is coming to your site for a few days.

It would be a Massage of the European Union that you have to disclose all the personal data you have, where you use it in the Privacy Policy page. The same rule is EC Directive On Data Protection.

You must tell in this privacy policy that any data that you collect is collected on any user’s website, where you use that data and how you protect that data.

This rule was implemented by the European Commission on April 24, 2016.

It was implemented by amending it on May 25, 2018, which is collecting data from all the countries in Europe and wherever and wherever the Internet runs, the data that you take from Costmor.

What do they use and how they use

We tell you what difference it has been in earlier times and in the present time.

First of all, it has been read that the way you hear that the data went wrong, the hacked has been stolen. So these incidents will not be with you now, because you will be more secure than before.

  1. If you give your data to a bank or anywhere else
  2. You have the complete right to know where your data is being used and
  3. If any kind of misuse is happening then
  4. You can also take legal action on it through EC Citizens Law of Europe under GDPR
  5. If you take a bike, then you can know which data you use … where that data is used.

This is just an example where you can find out where your data is being used and where your data is kept and kept.

We will tell you what is the advantage of GDPR:-

  1. The advantage of GDPR is that first of all, you will benefit yourself and you will know where and how your data is being used.
  2. If you do any business, your customer will come to you with the right and the truth because they know that you keep their data secure.
  3. If you have any data of any kind Even then you can not misuse it and this is the benefit for your business and people associated with you also benefit from you
  4. If your data is with cybersecurity then cybersecurity also has the advantage that your data will remain secure there too.
  5. Your data will be accrued as your personal data protection, your people can put money in your business because they will believe that you can not misuse their data.

Will GDPR be done on vandalism?

If you do not consider EC European rules then you may have to pay a twin fine of up to 20 million. If you are a small business, and a businessman, the penalty amount can be more or less.

What is its effect on India?

There are many companies in India who are dealing with the European country, it can have a bearing on them. For example, if a user of a website is operating from Europe, then Indian companies have to make changes in their terms and conditions.
And they have to be cleaned by the clean email, notifications. Or payment of penalty can be a post.

#Some Question/Answers About GDPR For Indians?

Question 1. Will we need to update my privacy policy to Hindi, Bengali or English Blogger?
Answer: Yes, if your blog/website has traffic from the European country, then you have to do it. If not, no problem.

Question 2. Where to create a privacy policy for website/blog?
Answer: You can make this website ( free in the privacy policy.

Question 3. Which country is applicable to GDPR?
Answer: Europeans Country

Question 4. How to install cookies in Blogger?
Answer: You can install cookies with the help of (

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