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42 keyboard shortcuts that make your text editing fast

Would you be familiar with keyboard shortcuts? When you press the keys of more than one keyboard on your computer simultaneously, the computer will do your desired task without any clicking, so the combination of such keys is commonly called a keyboard shortcut. Useful keyboard shortcuts for text editing Whether …

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Lock files / documents in MS Office

How to lock Microsoft Office files/documents with password We will study in this article today. We look down on how the password or how to lock it in files/documents in Microsoft Office’s MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.The question arises in your mind why lock the documents/files of Microsoft Office? …

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Hello, my name is Biswajit and I have been able to use the MS Word Shortcut Keys list in order to use the MS-Word (Microsoft Word) to fast track and use it to get the most out of the job.   MS Word Shortcut Keys Full List:- CTRL+A = > SELECT ALL CONTENTS …

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